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Nir Barzilai, MD​


Dr. Barzilai is a Geroscientist, he is a chaired Professor of Medicine and Genetics and Director of the biggest Center to study the Biology of Aging and the principal investigator of the Einstein Nathan Shock Center and the Glenn Center for excellence in Biology of Aging. He was the recipient of an NIH Merit Award aiming to extend the healthy life span in rodents through biological interventions. He also studies families of centenarians that have provided genetic/biological insights on the protection against aging. Several drugs are developed based, in part, on these paradigm-changing studies. He now leads the SuperAgers Initiative to recruit 10,000 centenarians and their families to validate and discover new longevity genes. He is also leading the TAME (Targeting/Taming Aging with Metformin) multi-center study to prove that multi-morbidities of aging can be delayed in humans and change the FDA indications to allow for next-generation interventions. He is also leading an initiative to discover biomarkers of aging that are changing with gerotherapeutics.