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José Navarro-Betancourt, MD, PhD

Scientific Director

Jose’s role in the fund includes due diligence of prospective investments, portfolio management, market research, and YouTube interview channel.

Two years of hands-on internship in the hospital providing medical care and five years in laboratory research have given him valuable knowledge of healthcare and biotech and an excellent background for understanding the scientific foundation of new ventures the fund is evaluating.

With a PhD from McGill University and an MD from Universidad Panamericana, José has performed and published basic and clinical research on aging, including insulin resistance, stem cell differentiation, protein quality control, and cellular energy production.
His publications include:
Role of IRE1α in podocyte proteostasis and mitochondrial health
The unfolded protein response transducer IRE1α promotes reticulophagy in podocytes
On the existence of cardiomesenchymal stem cells
Click here to access his complete list of publications at the NIH National Library of Medicine.

Jose works closely with quadraScope’s advisory board, a group of renowned scientists and business leaders in longevity, to perform thorough due diligence on each prospective investment. To keep our community current, Jose runs a YouTube channel where he interviews key opinion leaders and CEOs in longevity.