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Fiona Miller

Managing Partner

Fiona is a serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits, including a 12x exit. She was founder and CEO of octoScope, sold to Spirent Communications in 2021; Founder and CTO of Azimuth Systems, sold to Anritsu in 2016; and VP of Engineering at Scope Communications, sold to Hewlett-Packard (now Keysight) in 1998. Fiona holds 10 patents and is the publisher of numerous articles, white papers and test reports on wireless technologies and standards.
Fiona has been an active angel investor in the rejuvenation industry and also serves on the board of Healthy Longevity Clinic. She avidly supports rejuvenation initiatives through philanthropy.

She has a BA in Computer Science and BS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, and Master’s work from MIT.