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Key Trends in the Rejuvenation Medicine Market

Biological age reversal is an emerging industry with the promise of upending $490B spent annually on treatments of age related diseases via redirecting this spending to rejuvenation medicine. When the potential impacts of this industry are properly understood, investors should be flooding in to back venture funds and companies in this space. And this may already be starting to happen. As quadraScope is raising our first rejuvenation focused venture fund, we have collected some market data that we will share in this session. We will review the numbers, including the steady rise in rejuvenation related publications, research grants, venture funding and more. We will also examine the segmentation of the rejuvenation medicine market, including key sectors and companies.

Speaker: Fiona Miller, managing partner at quadraScope Venture Fund.

This presentation was recorded live at the Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022 conference, organized by