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The trend is for medical care spending to shift from disease treatment to disease prevention and wellness.

ageing factors

Aging is the biggest risk factor for most diseases. Rejuvenation – becoming biologically younger – is the most effective way to prevent diseases.

ageing factors


Rejuvenation market potential

The Rejuvenation Medicine market is about to experience explosive growth.

  • Powerful new rejuvenation treatments are emerging thanks to a recent sharp jump in research funding (e.g. $3B funding for Altos Labs in 2021).
  • Rejuvenation Medicine now follows legitimate science that can measure biological age as an outcome of interventions.
  • Rejuvenation medicine reduces the need for conventional treatments and will penetrate a combined global market of over $900B, including the treatment of age-related diseases and wellness approaches.
  • Every human over 40 years of age is a potential customer.

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